Troulo Russia

Seafrozen groundfish & seafood

Troulo Russia LTd. sources sea frozen fish & seafood directly from Russian factory vessels operating in Atlantic & Pacific oceans, and is responsible for the production of our BareCOD ® brand MSC Cod & Haddock single frozen fillets, loins and blocks.

Seafrozen Atlantic Cod & Haddock ***MSC*** Loins & Tails, Filletblocks, BP, Mince

MSC Cod & Haddock Fillets, Loins, Tails, Filletblocks, BP, Mince

Klipfisk (wet salted, dried salted, de-salted Cod)

FAS Redfish & Greenland Halibut WR, HG/HGT heads
FAS Grey / Witch Sole, YFS (Limanda), American Plaice HGT
FAS Scallop Meat, Pandalus shrimp, Red King crab clusters IQF

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Company: Troulo Russia Ltd.
Contact: Mr. A.V. Kapustin
Phone: +7 (921) 270-3442
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