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More than 75 years in business

Troulo Fishing Group was established in 1948 as a family-owned integrated industry, distributing the catch of our own fishing vessels.

Today we distribute the catch of our own and associated factory vessels, as well as contracted productions from sustainable land based producers in different key areas around the world.


Four Generations of Troulo family

We are committed to quality and service, producing and trading commodity-type products sourced around the world, and delivered as raw materials and further processed for HORECA and Retail destined for human consumption and animal feed.


Seafood products and customer relationships

At Troulo we take pride not only in the production of top quality fresh-frozen products but also in our carefully maintained customer culture.

Troulo Fishing Group commitment with the Oceans and the Environment

Dolphin Safe CE Comunidad Europea GMP Goods Manufacturing SCS Global Services Certified Sustnaible Seafodd MSC

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