Developing Fisheries since 1948

Troulo Fishing Group was established in 1948 as a family-owned integrated industry, distributing the catch of our own and associated fishing vessels throughout Spain and Portugal.

Barco original 1900 Troulo

Virxen Da Saleta I


Pioneer in deep sea frozen production since 1963, our business today combines fishing and production with wholesale trading of raw materials and processed/value added products for industry and HORECA, including full range Tuna, White Fish and Pelagics for human consumption, from our established global sources and partners in 5 key areas:

  • North Atlantic
    1. Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Faroe, Russia and European Union
  • Africa
    1. Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, RSA
  • Asia
    1. Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam
  • South America
    1. Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador
  • South Pacific
    1. Australia, New Zealand

Managed since 1998 by the 4th Generation descendants of Troulo Family, our mission is to continue offering sustainable, fully organic sea products and a personalised service to our clients and partners worldwide.

From our main office in Vigo Spain, we direct our Group’s production, purchasing, logistics and sales through our EU registered Companies.

Original handmade Logo TROULO 1948 of the company (1948)

Troulo Fishing Group commitment with the Oceans and the Environment

Dolphin Safe CE Comunidad Europea GMP Goods Manufacturing SCS Global Services Certified Sustnaible Seafodd MSC

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