Sustainable, organic sea products and a personalized service.

Troulo Fishing Group main products


More than 70 years in the business
Troulo Fishing Group was established in 1948 as a family-owned integrated industry, distributing the catch of our own fishing vessels.


North Atlantic fresh, frozen & salted fish
Four generations of Troulo family committed to quality & service, producing & trading commodity-type products sourced around the world and delivered as raw material to industry for human consumption & animal feed.


Seafood products and customer relationships
At Troulo we take pride not only in the production of top quality fresh-frozen products but also in our carefully maintained customer culture.

Troulo Fishing Group commitment with the oceans and the environment

Troulo Fishing Group produces high quality products from fresh wild fish. Quality in the plate and in our fishing processes as we are a company committed to the environment and the marine ecosystem. We practice responsible fishing, for you and those who will come.

Troulo enviroment care
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